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A brief bio on Jerry Cooper

     In June and July of 2011, Jerry worked with Raul Ibañez and helped him out
of his 0-35 slump. Jerry also works with Raul's son on a regular basis. With
Jerry's assistance, Raul became MLB Player of the month in June 2011, hitting
300 with 27 RBI's and 7 homeruns.

     Jerry has played an active role in greatly helping 15 players to college and
professional levels in the past 6 years. Two of his former players now play for
the Oakland A's.

     Dedication, hard work, and proper training were the key components to the
success of these 15 players. Jerry's private instruction was the core of their

     Jerry connects with his players on a professional and personal level. He
works to build good rapport with them on and off the field. Jerry's specific
strategies are the reason College Scouts pay such a great deal of attention to
Jerry's players.

     If you or someone you may know are serious about "making it",
Jerry's instruction is the best investment for your baseball career.


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